Broken Spring

Garage Door Repair Broken Springs

Most people do not pay much attention to their garage door springs. It is important to take into consideration that this must not be the case. This is because the garage door springs is very important in the lowering and raising of the garage door. Also, garage door springs are very dangerous when they are damaged and still used by the owner. As such, you should not take broken springs for granted. Fortunately, our company provides garage door repair broken springs for commercial and residential clients around the locality. For the safety of your family or personnel, it would be very advantageous if you will not attempt to operate the garage door in its damaged condition. Remember that it is very dangerous to attempt to operate the garage door because the springs are under tension. What you can do is look for professional help.
Remember that if you experience some trouble with your garage door, the first thing that you have to check is the broken springs. In other words, if you hear a sound when you operate your garage door, most likely such sound comes from an already damaged springs. For most garage doors, there are usually two types of springs. Distinguishing the two is important especially when looking for garage door repair broken springs service around the locality. The first type of garage door spring is the torsion springs. The torsion springs provides the garage door with the balance and durability. As such, it is usually used in large garage doors. Meanwhile, the second type of garage door spring is the extension springs. The extension springs are usually used in garage doors that are smaller in area and overhead height.
Should you realize that the damage or defect in the springs is serious, do not hesitate to call our garage door repair broken springs service that is available even for emergency situations. Remember that defects and damages on garage door springs could cause serious harm to you and your family (or personnel in the case of commercial clients), if not done properly. Fortunately, services of our company is comprehensive enough to check all the aspects of your garage door including the track, the hardware, sensors, safety release and most especially – the springs.
Listed below are 8 quick tips and tricks that are specifically designed to help you repair simple defects, maintain and install springs for your garage door. This is considered a self garage door repair broken springs service.

  1. Gather the necessary tools such as a steady ladder, winding bars, the vise grips and an adjustable wrench.
  2. Mark the torsion shaft with a marking pen or a file
  3. Unwind old and damaged springs
  4. Loosen the two bolts that secure the torsion hardware. Afterwards, remove those two bolts.
  5. Put the drum away from the plate bearing. Pull the right and left shafts.
  6. Inspect the bearing. Observe the bearing if it needs lubricant oil. If it does, replace the same.
  7. Replace the garage door springs.
  8. Reinstall the torsion hardware.